Frequently Asked Questions

Help, my pool is green! What shall I do?

Paradise Pool Services Gold Coast are experts at cleaning, servicing and maintaining swimming pools, including ones that have turned green due to neglect or incorrect balancing. A green pool will almost certainly mean the presence of many pool owners worst enemy.... ALGAE!


Algae is a small microorganism that can flourish in unbalanced pool water. Algae thrives in hot and humid environments such as those provided by our tropical Queensland summers.


Apart from chemical balancing, it is essential that regular cleaning of the pool is undertaken including skimming, vacuuming and filter cleaning to ensure organics are removed before they become an issue detrimental to your pools health. A quality automatic pool cleaner can also assist in removing organics from your pool but will never be able to do the entire job.


The best thing to do is to call Paradise Pool Services today, and we will inspect the pool and offer you an obligation free quote and solution to get your pool cleared up, chemically balanced and safe to enjoy  again in our beautiful Gold Coast sunshine.

Which tests do you undertake on my pool water and why?

pH – We test pH to ensure we keep your pools pH level as close to 7.5 as possible. This is the same pH level as the human eye and therefore eliminates any irritation to the bather. If the pH of the pool is too low the water will become more acidic and if it is too high it will become basic. In either case, when the pH level falls or rises outside of the desired range of 7.4-7.6 problems will start to occur such as irritation to bather skin and eyes as well as corrosion & damage to pool equipment and fixtures resulting in expensive repairs.


Alkalinity – The alkalinity level of the pool is typically desired to be in a range of 80-120ppm (parts per million). Alkalinity levels are very important to keep balanced as they act as a buffer to stop your pools pH levels from fluctuating out of control. Basically if the alkalinity levels are outside of the desired range, it allows the pools pH levels to rise and fall quickly and will result a large amount of time and effort (and money) to be required  when trying to get the pools water quality back into a balanced state.


Free Chlorine – Chlorine is your pools main defence force. It is critical to test your pools Free Chlorine levels to ensure there is enough available to sanitize the pool water and keep it safe and healthy to enjoy. Testing Free Chlorine levels is very important to determine whether your pool equipment (including chlorinator, pump, cleaner and filter) are functioning properly or due for service, repair or replacement. Ideal Free Chlorine ranges for residential salt chlorinated pools is about 2-3ppm.


Salinity – Most pools on the Gold Coast run using a salt chlorinator system. This means the pool needs adequate levels of salt in the water so that the chlorinator can do its magic and convert the salt to chlorine. Salt levels required in a pool vary from approximately 3000 – 6000ppm but this is dependent on the volume of water that your pool contains as well as the type of salt chlorinator installed.

How often should my pool be serviced?

During the sunny summer months on the Gold Coast it is recommended that your swimming pool water is tested and chemically balanced every fortnight to ensure it is safe and clean for regular use.


Increased temperature, sunlight and usage forces pool chemistry to become prone to fluctuations in levels of pH, Free Chlorine, Alkilinity and Salinity. This places additional demands on pool equipment designed to regulate pool water quality. It is therefore essential that an experienced pool technician undertakes fortnightly water balancing, equipment calibrations and cleaning services to ensure your pool stays healthy and you save money by maintaining your pool equipment to function at optimal levels.


During the winter months it is recommended that your swimming pool be serviced with cleaning, water balancing and equipment inspection and calibration every 3-4  weeks.

Which Gold Coast suburbs do you service?

We service the central Gold Coast suburbs of Robina, Varsity Lakes, Mermaid Beach, Mermaid Waters, Burleigh Waters, Burleigh Heads, Broadbeach, Broadbeach Waters, Clear Island Waters, Benowa Waters, Sorrento, Bundall, Isle of Capri, Chevron Island, Paradise Waters, Main Beach, Carrara, Ashmore, Emerald Lakes and Southport.


Feel free to contact Paradise Pool Services for a quote if you live outside of these suburbs.

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